Village Forum

How we work


Out of a village population of 200 we have about 40 members (20%).  Members have to be adult residents of the village, broadly in agreement with our aims and objectives and prepared to give some practical support with due regard to their own personal circumstances.


Our Committee, which consists of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and not more than six other members, is elected annually at our AGM.  The Committee is responsible for day-to-day affairs and liaison with the Parish Council, Lake District National Park Authority and other bodies with which we work.   It must meet at least four times a year but need not meet every month if there is no urgent business.

Members elected for 2018-19 were Gary Blythe (Chairman), Ian Bell, (Treasurer), Mike Harrington (Secretary and webmaster), Edna Parr and Peter van Zeller.

Representatives of other bodies which are important to us in our work also attend our meetings as Advisers or, if they cannot attend, give us comments and advice by email.  They receive copies of our Agenda and Minutes.  We cannot function effectively without their help.   Our Advisers include representatives  of Muncaster Parish Council, Copeland Borough Council, the Lake District National Park Authority, the Highways Authority, Friends of the Lake District, the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway Co. Ltd., Muncaster Castle and Voluntary Action Cumbria.

If you would like to delve more deeply into the workings of our Committee, please go to our Archives.  That page provides links to pdf copies of our Constitution and recent Minutes.

Fund raising

Fund raising is a vital activity for us.  All our projects cost money, which we have to find.  Fortunately we have on our Committee our own Grants Wizard, who has had long experience of seeking and finding grants as Chairman of the Village Hall Committee.

In raising funds for joint projects, we and the Parish Council complement each other.  As a Local Government body the Parish Council can apply for grants which are not accessible to us.  Conversely we can apply for funds to bodies that do not entertain applications from Local Authorities.  The Market Cross Plaque project is one instance of both bodies working together to raise the necessary funds.  In 2010-11 the Forum successfully applied to the National Lottery for  over 50,000 to enable the Parish Council to provide new equipment for the Children’s Playground.

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