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A Quick Look at Ravenglass

This was our first free leaflet, economically produced in black on blue paper with elegant line drawings by local artist Val Holmes.  It first appeared in 2001 and almost immediately an emergency edition had to be produced without details of paths adjacent to farm land, which were closed during the Foot and Mouth Disease epidemic.  Copeland Borough Council gave a  grant to cover the initial costs and, with contributions from local businesses, we published further editions up to 2007.  Residents told us that they kept copies in the house for their visitors and as a handy reference for local phone numbers.  We made it widely available in the local area and visitors were often seen using it while they enjoyed a stroll around the village and followed the delightful walks to the Roman Bath House and along the beach.

In 2008 this leaflet was superseded by....

Ravenglass -Where the Fells meet the Sea

This leaflet in full colour was printed at two-fold A4 size.  Committee members Ann Edwards and Shirley Broadhurst were the editors, Ann provided the photographs and our printers, Firpress of Workington, made an excellent job of the origination.

You may still find this leaflet at some outlets in West Cumbria or you can download a pdf copy here.  You will need Adobe Reader.  If you have not got it, please follow this link to the Adobe site.  Sadly, the reference to the free Village Car Park is no longer true.

Heritage trail leaflet

This leaflet, illustrated by Val Holmes, takes you on a guided tour round the village, pointing out the features that reveal its history.  Printed copies used to be on sale from local outlets with a cover price of 60p but you can now download it free from here and print your own copy.


We publish an annual Newsletter, which is distributed free to all households in the village.  It normally comes out shortly before the AGM and contains a review of the year’s activities.  If there is a special reason, we publish a special edition.

You can download pdf copies of past editions here.  Use the Back button in your browser to return to this page.

No 1: Nov 1999 ~ What’s this Village Forum, then?

No 2: Oct 2000 ~ New lamps for old

No 3: April 2002 ~ The Chairman reports

No 4: May 2003 ~ Not just a load of cobbles

No 5: May 2004 ~ Busy behind the scenes

No 6: May 2005 ~ The Cross marks the spot (almost)

No 7: May 2006 ~ Heritage Trail leaflet success

No 8: May 2007 ~ Signs and Wonders

No 9: May 2008 ~ Chairman’s report

No 10: May 2009 ~ Chairman’s report, Highways and Ravenglass online

No 11: June 2010 ~ No more free parking?

No 12: June 2011 ~ New playground opened

No. 13: May 2012 ~ Green light for the Green

No. 14: May 2013 ~ Kate unveils the mosaic

No. 15: June 2014 ~ What next?

No. 16: June 2015 ~ Going Walkabout

No. 17: June 2016 ~ No pylons, please!

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